WACOM Cintiq Pro 32

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Create directly on screen with our most natural pen experience The Cintiq Pro family is getting bigger. Joining the Cintiq Pro 16, the 32 and 24 are advanced creative pen displays, featuring premium 4K* screens with world class color performance and virtually no parallax. Combined with Wacom Pro Pen 2, they offer an experience designed to enhance every creative breakthrough. Live.Dare.Create.
A display that looks and feels totally natural The etched glass screen provides a distinct, tactile experience as you draw, mimicking the feel of a pen on paper while reducing unwanted glare and reflections. The displays offer realistic color accuracy up to 99% Adobe RGB, plus, at 4K resolution, you can see every detail of your creation in pinpoint accuracy on the bigger Cintiq Pro 32 and 24 screens. Screen size: 31.5 in (80 cm) (diagonal) Size: 854 x 506 x 53.25 mm (33.62 x 19.92 x 2.1 in) Color performance: 1.07 billion colors; 98% Adobe RGB Resolution: Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) Pen pressure levels: 8192 Pen tilt ExpressKeys™: 17 on included ExpressKey Remote Multi-touch: yes Pen stand Integrated pop-out legs for 20 degree angle Fully adjustable Ergo Stand with rotation (optional) Optional Cintiq Pro Engine creative PC modules to turn Cintiq Pro into an All-In-One Creative Pen Computer
Nama Produk (diawali dengan Brand lalu Nama Produk) WACOM Cintiq Pro 32
Lokasi Seller DKI Jakarta
Warna Black
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Panjang Dimensi Packaging (cm) 90
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