Leica Disto D1

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Leica Disto D1 The Disto D1 fits into every pocket, convenient use even with “small” hands 2-button device: Easy and intuitive to use for everyone, no risk of wrong measurement results due to only one way of measuring, higher efficiency in the whole team/company due to making laser distance measuring available to everybody. Bluetooth Smart means, not only taking distances digitally but work with them further digitally by creating documentations, sketches, pictures with measurements due to connection to the world of Apps 40m range: Measures nearly all required distances in interior field, more than most of available conventional measuring tools (folding rule, tape), fastens workflows and creating more convenience of measuring hardly accessible jobs. Soft components on housing grants protection of the device from unintended shocks, ergonomic grip even with sweaty hands. ISO 16331-1: Gives always reliable results with no compromise.
Leiva Disto D1 Simple, two button operation. The Leica DISTO D1 offers professionals as well as DIY users an easy-to-use laser measuring device. Turn the DISTO on, press the ON/DIST button and youve got a measurement. Its easy as that. Leica DISTO accuracy and reliability It may be small and simple to use, but that doesnt mean we sacrificed on accuracy. The D1 has just what youd expect from a Leica DISTO, unwavering accuracy to 1/16 of an inch (2mm). Two laser measure modes Linear distance and continuous measurement. Both have a range of up to 130 feet (40 meters). No more sagging tape measure, working around furniture or carrying a ladder just to get basic measurements. Extended functionality and error-free measuring documentation Pair the D1 with any smartphone or tablet to create digital floor plans on the fly with the DISTO Sketch app. DISTO Sketch DISTO Sketch integrates measurements into project images or job-site sketches to speed up workflows. Error-free documentation of projects sent instantly back to the office or to the site. Features & Functions : - Bluetooth Smart (4.0) - IP54 (dust- and splash water protected) - Warranty : 1 years What's in the box : - Leica D1 - (2) AAA Battery - Quick start guide
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