CGG Circular MRC Super Protector Filter 67mm Athabasca

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ATHABASCA, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
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MRC SUPER PROTECTOR In the era of digital photography, CCD or CMOS in digital cameras is not as sensitive to UV rays as traditional films. UV filters are mainly used to protect the lens. For this reason, Athabasca has developed this professional protector, which not only has extremely high transmittance and water-and-stain-proof, anti-scratching protection, but also is the most impact-resistance protecting filter in the market, due to the application of Corning Gorilla Glass II. According to the self-testing experiment, Athabasca MRC SUPER PROTECTOR won’t be broken within ten hits by a steel ball weight of up to 68g free falls from the height of 120cm. This product can effectively protect the lens from being damaged by external force impact.
Athabasca CGG Circular MRC Super Protector Filter 67mm Specifications: Ultra thin frame (3.17mm) Double side, anti reflection, multicoated film Water and stain proof, anti scratching Corning Gorilla Glass High Strength and anti impact protection EU approved environmentally anodic oxidized Environmental protection certified
Nama Produk (diawali dengan Brand lalu Nama Produk)CGG Circular MRC Super Protector Filter 67mm Athabasca
Lokasi SellerJakarta Pusat
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