CANON Camera Lens EF 135mm F/2 L USM

SKU / Kode Produk: LENS 135F2LU
Special Price Rp15.999.000 Rp20.113.200
"This lens is perfect for indoor sports photography that takes advantage of the f/2 brightness, and for portrait photography that uses the beautiful shading only possible with a large aperture lens and the nearness of the closest focusing distance (0.9m/3ft). The use of two UD elements effectively compensates for secondary spectrum and ensures sharp image quality. Light mechanical parts make this the lightest lens in its class at 750g/26.5oz. A ring-type USM and rear focusing guarantee quick and quiet autofocusing and excellent performance-functionality balance makes this an easy-to-handle lens. Equipped with and Extender EF1.4xII or 2xII, it can be used for AF photography at 189mm f/2.8 and 270mm f/4. Operational ease is improved by the inclusion of full-time manual focusing which can be used in AF mode and non-rotating filter and hood mounts. Filter size: 72mm Max aperture: f/2 With ring USM motor "
Nama Produk (diawali dengan Brand lalu Nama Produk) CANON Camera Lens EF 135mm F/2 L USM
Lokasi Seller DKI Jakarta
Warna Black
Lebar Dimensi Packaging (cm) 14
Panjang Dimensi Packaging (cm) 20
Tinggi Dimensi Packaging (cm) 14
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